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TSCPA Mid-Year Board Meeting Recap

The Texas Society of CPAs (TSCPA) recently held its 2013-2014 Midyear Board meeting at South Padre Island.  Chapter members Sandy Brown, Toni McBee Joyner,  Lyn Kuciemba, James Larkin and Rodney Horrell were in attendance, as well as Executive Director Linda Johnson.

Chapters shared successes and challenges at the Small Chapter Breakfast Meeting and Chapter Coordinating Meeting.  Chapter representatives also met with peers from across the state to knowledge-share and get up to speed on the happenings in other chapters.  At the Board meeting, updates were provided by TSCPA President Willie Hornberger and various TSCPA officers and representatives.

Much time was spent on demographics at the Board meeting.  The state society is facing strong headwinds in the area of membership.  Employers are not paying for as many professional memberships, on average, as they did in the past.  As the Baby Boom generation continues to works its way through our labor force and the CPA profession, it is more crucial than ever to recruit new, younger members.  This is made more difficult by the well-documented resistance Gen X and Gen Y have to joining societies, when compared to earlier generations.  In fact, membership in civic groups, service groups, religious organizations, and unions has been in decline for a number of years now.  Simply put, younger members want tangible membership benefits.

I’m sure you’ve heard me tell the story of the difference in my CPA and CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) licenses in terms of how they are viewed by the general public.  When I told my mother I had passed the CPA exam, she couldn’t have been happier.  She just knew my being a CPA would safeguard her son’s career no matter what challenges the labor market would face in the years ahead.  When I told her, a couple years later, that I had passed my CIA exam, her reaction was one of bewilderment and anxiety.  She finally exclaimed, “You mean you’re going to work for the government?!”  While I always get a chuckle when I reflect back on those exchanges, the prestige the CPA exam holds in the eyes of the general public is no laughing matter.  My mother knew what a CPA was.  She knew this due, in large part, to the work done by the AICPA, numerous state societies, and thousands of chapters across our nation.  As a young CPA, I couldn’t have been more ignorant of all the work done for my benefit.  As an experienced CPA, I’m proud of being part of a society that benefits all CPA’s.

Whereas safeguarding the CPA license is the biggest benefit the TSCPA and local chapters provide, younger generations are looking for additional “value” from their membership.  We must always work to enhance value for you, our members, and I assure you we’re working very hard to do just that.  But it is incumbent upon all of us, as CPA’s, to speak candidly of the importance of safeguarding the CPA license; the critical role the state society and local chapters play in doing so; and the importance of joining the state society and local chapter for young CPA’s if they wish to enjoy the same level of recognition and prestige past generations of CPA’s have enjoyed.  It was amazing to hear how many young CPA’s serving as TSCPA Board members were only there because someone took them aside and encouraged them to get involved.  I count myself in that group.  If you’re an experienced member, don’t hesitate to take aside a young CPA and share with them the importance of getting involved.  The future of the profession depends on it.

For more on the Midyear Board meeting, please visit

Clarence Downing, BV Chapter Charter Member in Chapter Eternal

Mr. Clarence Ray Downing, 73, of Navasota passed away February 7, 2014 at Christus Dubuis Hospital in Bryan.  Memorial contributions may be made to the First United Methodist Church of Navasota.  Our thoughts are with his family.

Aggie Baseball Game Tailgate – April 18th

Join us for a great event  at Olsen Field, Friday, April 18th as the Aggies host Kentucky and your Chapter hosts you and your family for our second annual tailgate.  First pitch is at 6:35 with food ready to eat around 5:00.  There is no charge to attend, but donations to our scholarship fund will be accepted.  You need to secure your own game tickets.  Watch your mailbox for more information.

Annual Chapter Meeting – Save the Date – May 6th

Please join us Tuesday, May 6th, for the Chapter’s Annual Meeting.  This year’s meeting again will be held at Pebble Creek Country Club from 11:30-1:30.  The event will begin with lunch and a review of our Chapter’s year followed by a free one hour CPE presented by our special guest and TSCPA Chair-elect, Mark Lee.  Cost is $30 for Chapter members and $35 for non-members.   RSVP by April 30 to Linda Johnson

Ethics CPE – Save the Date – May 22nd  

Do you need to fulfill your ethics CPE requirement?  Mark your calendar for the morning of Thursday, May 22nd as your Chapter offers this four-hour class.  Class will be held at the Brazos Center; cost $125/member, $150 non-member.  Contact Linda Johnson to register.

FREE CPE will also be offered the afternoon of May 22nd.  Watch for details!

Thank You, Linda Johnson, We’ll Miss You Greatly!

After nearly 16 years of wonderful service, Linda Johnson will step away from her position as Executive Director of our Chapter on June 1st.  Linda served us with great distinction and helped us accomplish many great things.  The Board wishes her all the best as she transitions to a new stage in her life. We hope you’ll take an opportunity to thank Linda, who has been the heart and soul of our chapter over the course of many diverse boards.  Thank you, Linda, for all you’ve done for us and for our profession!

Watch for information about the Search for Linda’s replacement.  Let us know if you have anyone in mind for this part-time staff position.  Contact Rodney Horrell for more information.


Business and Industry Center Keeps You In the Know

Are you looking for a way to stay up to date with the latest industry news or to keep in contact with other business and industry CPAs? If so, TSCPA has the perfect tool for you: the Business and Industry Center under the Resource Center tab on the TSCPA website. There you will find specialized neighborhoods, social networking, member profiles, and everything else in between. For more details, visit

Nominate a Member for a TSCPA Award

Do you know of a TSCPA member who has exhibited a strong commitment to the accounting profession? Does someone in your chapter make substantial service contributions to your community? Is the next Young CPA of the Year in your hometown?

Consider nominating a member for one of TSCPA’s service awards. Categories include Meritorious Service to the Accounting Profession in Texas, Distinguished Public Service, Honorary Fellow, Outstanding TSCPA Committee Chairman, Young CPA of the Year, and Honorary Member. Get details through the TSCPA website at or contact Melinda Bentley. (E-mail; phone 800-428-0272 x 279 or 972-687-8579.)

The deadline for nominations is April 25.

TSCPA Financial Literacy Social Media Outreach Day

People continue to look for ways to successfully sustain their personal finances. As shown by the traffic to, the public is turning to TSCPA for help. The Society is leveraging the power of social networking to reach out to as many people as possible with its annual Financial Literacy Social Media Outreach Day on April 30, to spread the word about’s free information and resources, and Texas CPAs’ role in financial literacy.  Watch for more details in the coming weeks!

Protecting Your Investment

Thanks to TSCPA CPA-PAC donors, you don’t have to list your license number on your business cards.

Thanks to PAC donors, you don’t have to get a law license to give tax advice.

Thanks to PAC donors, there is no sales tax on accounting services.

All TSCPA members benefit from the hard work and financial support of PAC donors: their contributions are what keep the wolves at bay.

If you haven’t given to the PAC, won’t you thank those who have?

Or better yet, why not give to the PAC yourself?

Depression Can Be Helped

Sad and tired all the time? Feel the pressures of your job are crushing you? It could be more than the winter blahs; you might be suffering from depression. The TSCPA Accountants Confidential Assistance Network (ACAN) is there for you. Phone 866-766-ACAN. We’re here to help.